A mill/turn machine is a versatile, computer numerical controlled (CNC) piece of manufacturing equipment that incorporates both milling and turning capabilities into a single machine. By combining the tool rotation of a mill with the workpiece rotation of turning equipment, a mill/turn machine allows users a higher degree of control and speed, facilitating the completion of complex operations with an exceptional degree of speed and accuracy.

At JIT CNC Machining, we are committed to providing the highest quality machined parts for customers across numerous industries. Our state-of-the-art Mazak Turn/Mill Machines incorporate the latest machining technology into a powerful, flexible system that can produce complex components with extreme efficiency. Unlike more traditional equipment, our turn/mill machines allow us to accommodate complicated designs without multiple setups, part transfers, and in-process adjustments.


Benefits of Mill/Turn Machines

Mill/turn machines are powerful and versatile, with a host of capabilities that allow them to complete highly intricate designs without moving the workpiece between different machines. The added functionality of mill/turn machines offers a variety of benefits over more traditional equipment, including:


Faster Operations

Mill/turn machines can complete up to four operations at once, ultimately reducing manufacturing time. Mill/turn machines also offer easier and faster setup than traditional CNC mills and CNC turning centers. Without the need for adjustments and transfers, operators save a significant amount of time and labor on each workpiece.

Higher Accuracy

Precision-machined parts require an exceptional degree of accuracy. Moving workpieces between machines during the manufacturing process creates opportunities to compromise precision cuts and features. With mill/turn machining, the workpiece undergoes multiple processes without the need for manual adjustments, thereby reducing the potential for errors and inaccuracies. This capability makes mill/turn machines ideal for parts that require extremely tight tolerances.  


Automated CNC mill/turn machines facilitate the automation of the manufacturing process, offering increased accuracy and better part-to-party repeatability. They also accommodate automation for repetitive ancillary tasks, such as loading and unloading stock materials. Automating these tasks allows manufacturers to redirect labor to more complex tasks and mitigates the risk of repetitive stress injuries among valuable personnel. 


Our Mill/Turn Capabilities

With minimal handling, JIT can skillfully produce a variety of components and products with an exceptional degree of speed and accuracy, making us more efficient and competitive than more traditional machine shops.

Our mill/turn capabilities include: 

  • Multi-axis milling and angled drilling
  • Ability to mill a wide range of materials
  • Capacity up to 12′ maximum length
  • Additional lathes for fine-tuning
  • Large- and small-scale production capabilities


Expert Knowledge and Exceptional Quality

At JIT, we are committed to going above and beyond for our customers by providing in-depth analysis and insight based on years of hands-on machining experience. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and aim to provide superior service through expert advice that helps our customers save time and money. Our mill/turn capabilities allow us to offer unmatched turnaround and competitive pricing.

With decades of experience in the machining industry, JIT has the knowledge necessary to provide effective solutions to your greatest manufacturing challenges. We provide on-the-spot solutions based on our extensive experience, and we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in our clientele. Some of our happiest customers serve critical industries that require highly accurate results, such as aerospace and electronics manufacturing. Many of our new clients come to us by word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers. To ensure that we meet the stringent requirements of many industries, we maintain AS9100-C and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.


Choose JIT CNC Machining for Your Next Project

Since 1996, JIT CNC Machining has been a leading provider of quality machining services. No matter how complex your machining needs, we remain available to provide expert advice and establish comprehensive solutions to your manufacturing challenges. When you work with JIT, you benefit from decades of experience, affordable prices, and speedy delivery of finished jobs. To learn more about our CNC mill/turn machines and other capabilities, contact us today.